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מכשיר הקלטה OLYMPUS

סוג מוצר: חדש|דגם Ls-p1

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מכשיר הקלטה OLYMPUS דגם: Ls-p1 OLYMPUS - מידע נוסף

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    Storage Media Internal / Removable Media Internal + Removable External Memory (Slot) microSD card / SDHC card (512 MB ‐ 32 GB) Internal memory 4GB USB functionality Direct USB Connection Yes USB Speed USB 2.0 High Speed USB Classes USB Storage class USB Composite device Display Display Type Full Dot Matrix Display (108 x 84 dots) Display Size 27.5 x 23.9mm / 1.43'' Display colour White Display Backlit LED (White) Device operation Main Switch Push HOLD switch Yes Power switch Yes Microphone System Max. Sound Pressure 120dB SPL Recording Modes Recording format PCM (WAV) / MP3 PCM (WAV) format 96kHz / 24bit 1h 30min 88.2kHz / 24bit 1h 45min 48kHz / 16bit 5h 44.1kHz / 16bit 5h 30min 44.1kHz (Mono) 11h MP3 format 320 kbps 24h 30min 128 kbps 61h 64 kbps (Mono) 123h Specifications and appearances are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer Playback Modes Playback format PCM (WAV) / MP3 Frequency response 88.2kHz / 20 - 42000Hz 48kHz / 20 - 23000Hz 44.1kHz / 20 - 21000Hz 44.1kHz (mono) / 20 - 21000Hz 128kbps / 20 - 17000Hz 64kbps (mono) / 20 - 13000Hz Internal microphones 60 ‐ 20.000Hz PCM 96kHz / 20 - 44000Hz MP3 320kbps / 20 - 20000Hz Record function Index Up to 16 per file Auto recording VCVA (Variable Control Voice Actuator) Voice Sync Recording Scenes Meeting Conference Lecture Dictation Speech-Recognition Music Advanced recording Rec Monitor Manual Rec level control Low Cut-Filter Zoom Mic. Setting Playback function Playback speed Adjustable (50 ‐ 350%) File operation Forward / Reverse Skip Fast forward and rewind File selection File Playback Folder Playback All Files Playback Repeat functions Repeat playback A-B repeat playback Automatic playback Random playback Sound enhancement Voice Balancer Equalizer Noise Cancel Advanced Play Voice Playback Data organisation Erase Erase single files Erase all files Music folders Partial (PCM only) No. of folders 5 Folder Music max. 300 Files per folder 200 File move Yes File Copy (Folder to Folder) Yes File Replace Yes File divide Yes Calendar Search Yes Interfaces Input Microphone jack 3.5 ø mm mini‐jack, impedance 2 kΩ Microphone sensitivity / gain High / Middle / Low/ Intelligent Auto PC interface USB Storage class Interfaces Output Max. working output 150mW (8 Ω speaker) Maximum headphone output 3 mW + 3 mW Speaker Diameter Built‐in ø 18 mm round dynamic speaker Earphone jack 3.5 ø mm jack, impedance 8Ω or more Power Supply Power Supply Battery: 1 x AAA Alkaline battery life Recording: 39h Playback: 31h via earphones Internal Charging AC / USB Note: Internal charging operable only with Olympus rechargable batteries. AC‐adapter is an optional item. Dimensions HxWxD 108.9 x 39.6 x 14.4mm Weight 75g (incl. battery) Exterior Housing material Metal Languages Menu languages EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, RU, PL, CS, SV, NL, DA, CN
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